November 2013 Presidents’ Mailing

Presidents’ Mailing


NEOEA Community Involvement Grants

Cross Country Skiing- A Winter Outing of the Environmental Concerns Hiking Series

NEOEA Game of Hope Player Application

NEOEA Nomination Form

NEOEA Awards Recognizes Positive Image Activities

NEOEA Mini-Grants Fund Local Public Relations Activities

Education Support Professionals Scholarship

NEA Higher Education Conference Scholarship

NEA Minority Leadership Training Conference Scholarship

OADDP State Conference Scholarship

Direct Energy

NEOEA Members, Family and Friends Discount- I-X Christmas Connection

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How to use Aesop

Go to to enter your username and password (this was sent to your school email).

On the main page, you will find right away the place to put in your request for a substitute teacher.

If you are looking to request substitute teachers, click on “Account” at the top.  Your account information will appear.  To the left of your information is the tab “Preferred Substitutes”.  Click on this to enter substitute teachers’ names that you would prefer to fill in for you as long as they are registered with Aesop.  If they are not, their name will not appear.

When you put in a request, your preferred substitute teachers will receive an email.

When your requests are filled, you will receive an email letting your know it was filled.

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We need volunteers to be representatives to NEOEA!

We need 3 volunteers to be our representatives to NEOEA!  Dave and Anne need to turn in names by October 15th.

What is the NEOEA?  Check out their website:

Here is more information about the organization: NEOEA.

Please contact Dave and Anne ASAP if interested.  It’s a great way to “get your feet wet” in our union!

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From Monday, September 23rd to Friday, September 27th, we will be holding a drive for the FCPE!  Please see your building reps for details.

If a building has 25% of its WEA members contributing, that building will qualify for a drawing.  Each contributing member from that building will be entered into a raffle for a $25 Visa gift card!  Get those donations in so your building qualifies!

Not familiar with FCPE or how it helps us?  For moe information, click here FCPE!

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Health Savings Plan

The $500.00 Health Savings Plan what we receive with the current contract will be effective January 1, 2014.

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Union Code of Conduct

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Summary of WEA Meeting, Monday, August 26, 2013

1) Turn in membership paperwork to Anne Rosemark with checks by September 27th.

2) If you would like to be part of committees, such as PD, curriculum and OTES, please contact Dave.

3) Remember to follow the chain of command if you have an issue by first consulting the contract and talking to your building rep and then speaking to the presidents.

4) We need new leadership- please see Dave or Ann if interested!


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OEA Updates (June 11, 2013)

OEA Value-Added Student Growth Data in Teacher Evaluations

OEA State Budge (Substitute HB 59)

OEA Platform for the 130th General Assembly

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Welcome to the WEA/WSS Website

The Wellington Education Association and the Wellington Support Staff are affiliates of the National Education Association, the Ohio Education Association and the North Eastern Ohio Education Association.

Please check back for new updates! Thank you for your support!

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